Bonaire Scuba Diving Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and answers is below. However, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact the dive shop at

What is the Bonaire Marine Park?
The Bonaire Marine Park extends from the high water mark to the 60m depth contour all the way around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire encompassing an area of approximately 270 hectares. The Marine Park's job is to ensure that the marine resources of the island, the magnificent coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves, are used in such a way that they do not become degraded - in other words that they are used in a sustainable manner. To learn more about the Bonaire Marine Park, visit

Notice: The Bonaire National Marine Park entry fee will increase to $25 per person per year effective April 1, 2005. All divers are required to present their Bonaire National Marine Park entry tag prior to diving in Bonaire. Click here for details. The tag is valid for a calendar year.

Is there diving in front of the resort?
Yes. The dive docks at the beach extend out almost 30 yards to the reef. Tanks are on these docks 24 hours a day for shore divers.

Describe your dock dive.
Just gear up using our convenient benches to sit on, then step off into 12 feet of clear blue water. The reef quickly drops down to 120 ft, right in front of the dock. There are lots of fish below the dock and the reef is very good, with lots of tube sponges, parrot fish, trumpet fish and anemones.

Can I dive 24 hours a day?
Yes we have tanks available 24 hrs for shore divers, right on the dock.

Do you have storage lockers?
We are proud to inform you that we officially opened our new dock facility on April 27th, 2005. We provide divers private lockers with hangers for wetsuit and BCD as well as ample space to store any other dive equipment. If possible, bring your own padlock. You have access to your gear 24 hours a day!

What's the night diving like?
Great. Most divers night dive off our docks several times during their stay. They see octopus, tarpon and lots of brightly colored corals.

How many boats are there?
The dive shop has 5 boats, 36-42 ft. Each boat is limited to 18 divers, has plenty of shade, iced water, fresh fruit and full safety equipment. The tanks are placed in tank holders behind the seats, so putting the gear on is easy. We have the best boat fleet on Bonaire, no question.

How do I sign up for them?
We have a sign up board that displays all boat trips, so you can pick the boat of your choice. When you check in at the dive shop, we allocate you a number, which you use to book a spot on each boat.

Do you go to different sites each day?
Yes. We visit a wide range of dive sites from Red Slave in the far south to Rappel in the north. We also go over to the island of Klein Bonaire almost every day.

How long to the dive sites?
Around 10 - 20 min.

Are there lots of boats at each site?
No. Only one boat per dive site is allowed.

Do you run 2 tank trips?
Yes. Every day of the year we run a variety of trips, single tank and 2 tank morning trips and single tank afternoon trips.

Are the boats crowded?
No. We limit the boats to 16 divers max. There is lots of room to walk around

What are your boat dive profiles?
We recommend maximum time of 1 hour and diving no deeper than 100 feet in the morning and 60 feet in the afternoon for the single tank trips. For the 2 tank trips we recommend 45-50 min. and 70 feet as maximum. A surface interval of 30 - 45 min. is normal.

Is there a dive master on board?
Yes. Every boat has a captain and a dive master. The dive master will be in the water and will dive with you if you wish. If you want to dive independently with your buddy, that's ok as well. This is not Grand Cayman where they herd you up in one big group; we give divers a lot of freedom.

Do I have to back roll off the boats?
No. All the boats have a wide swim platform to make it easy to leave and return to the boat. For the macho divers, back rolls are possible off the sides of the boat!

Describe a typical boat dive.
The boat normally sits in 25 feet of water, close to shore, with the drop off right behind the boat. Drop down below the boat, look at the soft corals to identify if there is any current, then dive against the current. Dive down to your maximum depth, say 60 feet, and enjoy the reef. Halfway through your air or time, turn around and head back to the boat, ascending throughout the dive. Spend the last few minutes at 20 feet checking out the reef and fish while also completing a safety stop.

Will the dive staff help me with my gear?
Most guests like to set up their own gear, but if you need help just ask them. If you have back problems or have trouble walking with the gear on, we will put your gear on and off at the swim platform.

Do you do drift dives?
Yes. We will drift dive if the captain is comfortable with the conditions. Currents are not usually strong.

Is rental gear available?
Yes. See our page rentals page for details.

What about learning to dive?
We offer a variety of learning experiences. See our instruction page for details.

Do you offer any courses or specialty certifications for experienced divers?
Yes we offer a wide range of follow on courses. See our instruction page for details.

Do you charge service charge?
Yes, a 10% service charge will be added to all dive bills.

What sets Dive Bonaire apart from the other shops?
Each of our local dive masters have been with us for 10 years + and are well known and respected in the industry. They ensure a safe experience while keeping things fun. Our fleet of 5 boats is the best on the island, with a level of comfort and convenience unmatched on Bonaire. The design of the dive facilities makes diving so easy; you'll keep coming back.

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